Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Worst Experience ! :\

I was the happiest kid that day , finally after 12 weeks i was gonna meet my friends again :)
I was quiet exited the night before :D

I was so exited that i didn't sleep :o
So , In the morning I was Dizzy + Drowsy so i decided to take a small nap which resulted in a disaster .. I missed my school bus ..
No big deal , All i had to do was catch it at my friends house so i called my driver .. Who in a sleepy tone said "Go by Urself "
We Fired him anyway :P
A** HOLE :@
So with wasting 10 more minutes , i decided to take an AUTO RICKSHAW :P

I waited 5 minutes for a Rickshaw to come and as i reached my friends place the bus was missing , I mean i missed it :P
I was stuck in the middle of my home and school
with an empty pocket :(
I said to my self : " Could this day get any worse "
I came to know i forgot my cell phone HOME ..
WTF !!!I couldn't even contact anyone .
I couldn't ask for any ones lift , the people with car don't stop and pillion riding was banned in our country so there was no clue of asking lift's from people with motorbikes :/
                                                The one on the back that's not me :P

So i decided that why not stay here for a while and wait for someone from our school to come.
After 15 minutes , i decided that this was not the best of ideas .

I was standing on the footpath , feeling EFFED UP .
Every Eye crossing the street , staring me like i am an alien . Feeling more EFFED UP i thought in my mind "Can't you a** Holes give me a lift instead of pathetically staring at me"

                                                                    this isn't me either :P
Finally , I decided to walk school 6km away ..
Lethargic , I again thought that this wasn't a good idea again ..
After spending hours sitting at the road side ..
I thought of an idea .. Took an Auto for the second time went home took cash from my MOM again , who was surprised to see me , gave money to the AUTO's driver heard a lecture from my mother .
BUNKED SCHOOL .. Yaayy , but again i didn't wanted to :(
Finally went to sleep :P

I guess the didn't go as worse as i was expecting it to be :))

P.S: I haven't been posting for a while so i guess you guys may have forgotten me , Sorry About that to my limited number of readers .. Please Comment :)
I Love You Guys ;)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Love of my Life

Hi guys , It's been quite a while since i haven't been posting hope you guys still like my post :P.
I was in Love with her for the first time i opened my eyes .
She held me in her arms and her warmth give me a satisfaction which is still somehow with in me.
The scent that comes out of her when she's tired , to others it might feel smelly but to me it's more sweeter than the flowers .
Her smile may not be as it was but to me see a smile on her face is like looking at heaven .
Her eyes may be weak but they shine brighter than crystals when i succeed.
She may not be able to walk very long distances but for me she could even climb the highest mountain .
My Mother is the Love of my life , there's no one in the world whom i would LOVE more .
My Mother My LIFE .
Ammi , I Love You   :')