Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ramazan may be the best month of all ! It reconciles all of us into a bond of brotherhood !
Life after Iftar can be annoying !
Eating too much lying on the same place where you eat not even helping yourself with a glass of water!
Not even moving an inch ! Neither bothering to change your TV channels ! Its like your Paralyzed!

The tummies are shaped like the EARTH!
Oh! Semi Earth precisely
And possibly everyone's LAZY !
Laziness is the mother of all vice . But as its a mother we should respect it :D

I may be the laziest person in the world !
All day long i sit down at the same place and watch TV , or Surf the waves  internet :P
I dont help my self even with a glass of water :P
Its not only in Ramazan its a daily routine ;)
Once my father said to me to change the BULB of my kitchen !
I was lethargic to even move and we couldn't find anything to climb on!
So I climbed my cousins shoulder's with ease !
As i touched the bulb ! I was lazy even to move my WRIST !
I told my cousin "COULD YOU ROTATE?" :P
But in the end i had to do it with my hands :(((

Laziness is your best friend remember !
Even when your alone .. It's always with you :P
it'll never hurt you ! it will only hurt others ..
Like !
Once a Father and a Son were watching a Movie !
The women of the house came rang the bell and shouted open the door !
the father said to his son to open it he refused thrice !
The Father shouted to his mother !
I Divorce you ! Stay Out :P

I Guess you all may have noticed that laziness is a part of our life so all you SUST'S( Lazies ) out their !
Always feel proud to be One SUST ;)))

And wohooo I got 21 followers !
Thanks every one !

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I am dedicating this post to my best-est friends in the world !
Ateeq and Hamza :) .
My sweethearts :P
I love them ;)
If i dont get a girl i'll marry either one of them :P
Not that I am Gay
But Dostana nhi dkhi hai kia
USA ka Visa easily mil jata hai :P
Apart from that !
How kind my friends get they will always stink :P

Ohh ! Stink !
I am stinking worse than Ateeq's socks :o
It's only because i haven't showered for a week :P
Only because of the water problem at my APARTMENT :(((
When there was water today ! I decided to take a bath ! :)
I turned on the shower !
Shampooed my hair ! Soaped my body !
I twisted the tap again !
And to my surprise came only a drizzle of water ..
Unfortunately ! The water had disappeared again :((
I was left with Soap and Shampoo on my hairs and body with no water left :((
The shampoo caught my left EYE ! :@
And i was jumping in AGONY !
I couldn't wash it off .. No water :((
i had to clean myself off with the towel .
My eye still burns :(
I have to see a doctor .
so i guess this is the end !

P.S: I dedicated only a paragraph to my friends !
And all the new followers . I LOVE U GUYS :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Horror Movies are not for me !

While i kid i was always afraid of the dark !
Because of that my cousins would leave me alone in the dark room and i would hide my face with the pillow thinking of Zombies and different types of ghost and stuff like that are in the room ..
Doing like this i either slept ! Or My cousin's showed mercy and let me out :)

But i always used to watch horror movies :/
I don't know why :o
But i always knew they weren't for me :P
Well , I guess i am so afraid that i was scared by watching Phoonk 2 :P Which many suggested me as a comedy movie :)
Now you can easy interpret how much scared i am !
Well nowadays its quite eccentric in boys but that's the way i am :P
And to overcome this fear i tried watching as many horror films as i could but the result was worse , and i decided "Horror Movies are not for me !".
Each time i used to overcome my fear from the dark !
I watched a horror movie ! And as i went into the dark again my mind continuously thought about that character in the movie ! And i am like it's gonna come in front of my face any second now :P
I know it's kinda lame but what can i do :p
Every one has his weaknesses
While i am watching any horror movie with my friends I know what i am seeing is Fake !
But when i am watching it Alone i wish it all remains fake :o

It's my belief that people watching horror movies alone are the bravest people .. I SWEAR really :|
I may like violent movies !

I feel exhilarated watching them !
But any thing scary in it ! I don't even bother to take a look :(
Well the last HORROR movie i saw was "THE TUNNEL"

Unfortunately , I was alone in my HOME SWEET HOME !
As the Movie ended !
I was listening to every single sound !
Even the tick tock of the clock !
The Woooshis of the wind !
The Creaaak of the Doors !
The tapping of the water ....
All of a sudden .. The Door of my room opened ! :0
Well actually it opened because of the wind :P
And then it closed !
Again by the wind :P
I ran out of the HOUSE !
Not coming in until my MOM came home :|
So you see HORROR movies are not for me :P
Oh i made a rhyme :P
That will be all for now .
And please every one keep commenting ..
I love your COMMENTS :)
I guess this is the END :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dreams , Shopping and Lizard :|

Like every single person i too have dreams ...
Like every one I dream big too ...
And ..
Dreams do come TRUE ! :)

A person may dream of having all the cash in the world or stuff like that :|
But my dream is different ..
Okay who am i kidding !
I too dream of having all the money in the world !
But apart from that .. I always wanted to do
I Love the way people jump ! Giving an experience of a life time ..
I Once had a chance of fulfilling this dream ..
As i was set to take off (I MEAN JUMP )...
My Mom shouted ! : Wake Up ! Your Getting Late for school :(
And it all ended there !
So my dream never came true :|
Dreams do come true only in your sleep :P
Apart from Dreams what i am used to doing now a day is SHOPPING!
I am Like becoming a SHOPAHOLIC !

Although i hate shopping ..
Okay , So this happens to me every year !
During the Last Period of Ramadan ! ()_()
I like shop allot !
Not that i buy stuff , but WINDOW SHOPPING:)

I don't shop allot but i go to mall for reasons i can't explain :)
Now one of the shopkeeper's recognizes me every time i go to his shop and doesn't let me in !
Not only this if i am seen around his shop he gives me the *STARES*
I was like going to his shop daily for three days just looking at stuff and buying nothing
The Fourth day .. He didn't let me in :(
There's not just ONE shop in the Mall . . Buahahahaha (Evil Laughter)
                                                                  Hahaha hahahaha!
I guess this post is getting lame :(

But i have to write something !
So , Shopping done !
When i came home and entered my bathroom ! *SQUISH* (Sound Effects)
It was like something fell on my back ! 
But i didn't felt anything ! :O
So while i was taking a shower !

All of a sudden i saw a small whitish thing with two black dots on my shoulder !
LIIIiiiZZZZZaaaaaaaaRRRrrrDDDD ! :| :/ :0

I gave a push to it running out of the bathroom naked !
Hopefully nobody got a glimpse of me ;)
It was worse than seeing a ghost !
Standing face to face with a LIZARD :|
Thinking about it still gives me a MIGRAINE :(
Next time you hear a squish sound BE CAREFUL :P
It might be a LIZARD :P

So this is all for now !
Sorry for the LAME POST !
Viya and Cricket Freak !
Thank u for joining :)

Friday, 19 August 2011

A piece of Craziness !

I usually come up with blog ideas while i am sitting on my comote (if its the correct spelling).
This time i came up with a lot of ideas ..
But as i started writing .. I was totally blank .. Wooosh ! Like everything was erased from my mind. :0

So i had to think all over again. :(
Nowadays its like i am having a phobia of sitting on blogger. :|
I also came to know that and are two different sites !
15 minutes ago i was putting my username and password on bloggers so i just realized the difference of S..
I am like so into blogging that i keep thinking about posts !
What should i post next or stuff like that :P
I got myself 4 , 5 posts still in my drafts but instead of posting them i always come up with something new :)
I am awesome :P
Well i am too busy nowadays ..
Doing What ?
Shopping .. :)
Not that i like shopping but its EID people :)

Well whenever you go shopping !
Don't take a girl with you ..
I was like in the mall for 5 hours ..
I hardly bought a pair of shoes in half in hour ..
From the first shop i entered ...
Unfortunately my cousin(girl) was with me who took about 4 hours to buy a pair of shoes ,she ended up buying nothing ..
She got into 5 different shops ! And in the end took me to the shop she went first still buying nothing  :|
So all we bought in those 5 hours was my shoes :|
And when i reached home ..I was soooooo exhausted ....
                                                                 More than this .. :\
Apart from Shopping I've officially started hating girls :P
Specially in Ramadhan ..
My sister gets like 5 , 6 different suits every year at EID ..
And every month a couple ..
I buy a pair of jeans like every six months .. 
All i get is a Shalwar Kameez at EID  !
I mean don't we have a heart :|
I can't criticize women any more ..
That's enough i guess ..
And Flood Gate of Feelings ..
Welcome to the troop ..
KN thanks for your comment..

Thursday, 18 August 2011

2 In 1 :))

I didn't have much to post and had two things in mind so i decided to post both in the same :)
Ain't I Intelligent :)
                                                               I LOVE DEXTER <3

So , the story starts as THE KARACHI ZOO !
By the name it sounds interesting! Wait till u go In :/.
Unfortunately i had the experience because of my little brother
He somehow loves animal ()_()
                                                       Here's that little devil :@

 So , i was the only one to take him :P
As i went in ! it looked more like a Veterinary CLINIC :P.
Yeah it did ! Really .. I swear !

The tigers and the lion looked more like CATS :P
Now u could imagine how other animals would be :o
The only thing interesting i found there were the Baby Elephants and Of course Mumtaz Begum!:P
The Elephants were the cutest :)
                                                               Isn't he cute

                                                 The One and Only Mumtaz Begum
I was lucky i got to know him her :P
She's from SOUTH AFRICA :P
Hahaaha :P

But for crying out loud my little brother now calls my cat a tiger ! :|
It's time for the second thing i wanted to say to you guys ...
I call it ...
Now the free advice i am gonna give u is !
Well I have been with this girl for quite a long time and its like a pain in the ass !
Arggg :@
U really have to come up with a lot of things :|
*U have to be available all the time :|
*If u dont reply she's upset
*U forget her birthday ur an a** Hole :s (ETC'ssss)

Do i even have my own life ..
WTF is with these girls man ..

All u single guys out there you are lucky  blessed :)
Stay Single , Stay Happy :))))))

Oh Just Forgot !
The Other Side of Me Thanks for joining !
I really Love U :P

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A trip at the " PASSPORT OFFICE "

Okay so after 5 years i realized that my passport is expired and i decided to renew it :P

Don't worry i am not from the US :P
Soooo , when i reached at the passport office to my surprise was the longest line i had ever seen :o
The line resembled me more of an Anaconda !
I was praying to GOD that somehow all of the people let me in first :/

Before entering in i had to go to the bank to pay some fee of some sort :/
Well hopefully there was no line there ..
Ahhh *Sigh of relief*

But i still had to go to that line to enter the office ! where people were standing for hours ..
Instead of standing in line legally . I decided to use some of my expertise to some how sneak in !
Then , I saw a man going in without line :|
I was like WTF !
So i decided to use the way the man went in !
And that was by the help of an agent .. U can find loads of them when u go to the passport office ..
They were my next ticket in :) Yeesssss
So i approached an agent .
He was a guy with GUTKA in his mouth and when i asked him what would you charge !
With a mouthful he said 5000rs :|
I was like FUCK YOU !
Returning disappointed ..
The Line was longer than before :o
So i decided to stand there .. there was no choice left :|
After 1 hour i was halfway across the line ..
I could smell the sweat of the person standing in front of me !
Ewwwww :P
There was nothing else i could do :(
After 2 hours and i was the next person to go to the counter.
Finally something to cheer about ...
Happily i submitted my voucher (if that's what its called)
And i went in ! :o
It was a disaster :|
It was like 200 people in a room !
Jam Packed :/
First i had to go to some guy who'd take my finger prints then tell my name ..
Then wait again for my name to be called for a passport size photo :|

Finally after 15 minutes of waiting it was my turn to get a picture ..
As i went into the photography department (thats what they called it)
I saw an Uncle with a long beard smiling at me with his yellow teeth and asking me to sit down :O
With a camera on his hand he said to look at at but i couldn't as all the people there were staring at me .. As if i had murdered someone :|

The photographer finally gained my attention ! And with his big mouth he said SIMIYAL (smile) to me ..
And Finally i had my photo taken :)
After going out from the photography department .. A man with a computer called my name and somehow he had my whole bio data .. He asked me if there were any mistakes and sent me to another place where i finally would get the token of my "PASSPORT"
Without wasting time i ran there and saw another line :0
WTF is with these places .. but luckily it wasn't a long one so i got the token and i had to get my passport in ten days :)
If i would have stayed there for a minute more ! I would have died :|
Next time my passport expires i am not going out of this country anymore !
At least i have 10 years :P
A took a sigh of relief for the second time in the day !

And swear that i'll never look at that place again