Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A trip at the " PASSPORT OFFICE "

Okay so after 5 years i realized that my passport is expired and i decided to renew it :P

Don't worry i am not from the US :P
Soooo , when i reached at the passport office to my surprise was the longest line i had ever seen :o
The line resembled me more of an Anaconda !
I was praying to GOD that somehow all of the people let me in first :/

Before entering in i had to go to the bank to pay some fee of some sort :/
Well hopefully there was no line there ..
Ahhh *Sigh of relief*

But i still had to go to that line to enter the office ! where people were standing for hours ..
Instead of standing in line legally . I decided to use some of my expertise to some how sneak in !
Then , I saw a man going in without line :|
I was like WTF !
So i decided to use the way the man went in !
And that was by the help of an agent .. U can find loads of them when u go to the passport office ..
They were my next ticket in :) Yeesssss
So i approached an agent .
He was a guy with GUTKA in his mouth and when i asked him what would you charge !
With a mouthful he said 5000rs :|
I was like FUCK YOU !
Returning disappointed ..
The Line was longer than before :o
So i decided to stand there .. there was no choice left :|
After 1 hour i was halfway across the line ..
I could smell the sweat of the person standing in front of me !
Ewwwww :P
There was nothing else i could do :(
After 2 hours and i was the next person to go to the counter.
Finally something to cheer about ...
Happily i submitted my voucher (if that's what its called)
And i went in ! :o
It was a disaster :|
It was like 200 people in a room !
Jam Packed :/
First i had to go to some guy who'd take my finger prints then tell my name ..
Then wait again for my name to be called for a passport size photo :|

Finally after 15 minutes of waiting it was my turn to get a picture ..
As i went into the photography department (thats what they called it)
I saw an Uncle with a long beard smiling at me with his yellow teeth and asking me to sit down :O
With a camera on his hand he said to look at at but i couldn't as all the people there were staring at me .. As if i had murdered someone :|

The photographer finally gained my attention ! And with his big mouth he said SIMIYAL (smile) to me ..
And Finally i had my photo taken :)
After going out from the photography department .. A man with a computer called my name and somehow he had my whole bio data .. He asked me if there were any mistakes and sent me to another place where i finally would get the token of my "PASSPORT"
Without wasting time i ran there and saw another line :0
WTF is with these places .. but luckily it wasn't a long one so i got the token and i had to get my passport in ten days :)
If i would have stayed there for a minute more ! I would have died :|
Next time my passport expires i am not going out of this country anymore !
At least i have 10 years :P
A took a sigh of relief for the second time in the day !

And swear that i'll never look at that place again



  1. LOL..that was a disaster!!! Goshhhh..but you survived..yay..

    P.S: passport expired yearsssssssss ago!!!!! should renew it!!!

  2. ..and the pictures are sooooooooo cute :P:P

  3. HaHaHa ! Just dont go to passport offices u'll die trying making ur passport :P
    Hhaaha .. Thanks :)

  4. love the pictures, do add punctuation, the post was hilarious.
    the best part, u smelled that guys sweat :D
    lol i wish he was a pathan. :D
    thumbs up on this one

  5. Man I always forget em ! Argggg .. dont worry i'll remember nxt time sir :)
    Man that guy was a hell of a sweater :P
    He easily would have sweat a bucket :P
    No he wasn't pathan ..
    And thanks :)

  6. Ufff.
    This is an effing cool post.