Thursday, 18 August 2011

2 In 1 :))

I didn't have much to post and had two things in mind so i decided to post both in the same :)
Ain't I Intelligent :)
                                                               I LOVE DEXTER <3

So , the story starts as THE KARACHI ZOO !
By the name it sounds interesting! Wait till u go In :/.
Unfortunately i had the experience because of my little brother
He somehow loves animal ()_()
                                                       Here's that little devil :@

 So , i was the only one to take him :P
As i went in ! it looked more like a Veterinary CLINIC :P.
Yeah it did ! Really .. I swear !

The tigers and the lion looked more like CATS :P
Now u could imagine how other animals would be :o
The only thing interesting i found there were the Baby Elephants and Of course Mumtaz Begum!:P
The Elephants were the cutest :)
                                                               Isn't he cute

                                                 The One and Only Mumtaz Begum
I was lucky i got to know him her :P
She's from SOUTH AFRICA :P
Hahaaha :P

But for crying out loud my little brother now calls my cat a tiger ! :|
It's time for the second thing i wanted to say to you guys ...
I call it ...
Now the free advice i am gonna give u is !
Well I have been with this girl for quite a long time and its like a pain in the ass !
Arggg :@
U really have to come up with a lot of things :|
*U have to be available all the time :|
*If u dont reply she's upset
*U forget her birthday ur an a** Hole :s (ETC'ssss)

Do i even have my own life ..
WTF is with these girls man ..

All u single guys out there you are lucky  blessed :)
Stay Single , Stay Happy :))))))

Oh Just Forgot !
The Other Side of Me Thanks for joining !
I really Love U :P


  1. hahha hmmm..and I really really really love u too..:P:P

    You cant live with them and you cant live without them...that's women ;p;p

    P.S: Zoo trips seems to be 'fun' :P:P

    take care :):)

  2. Hahaha ! Your adorable :P
    No zoo trips not fun
    and women its like "I hate u like i love u"
    Keep Commenting !
    Take Care :)

  3. Hahaha, first of all thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    Secondly, if you hate that girl now, or she irritates you, just leave her rather than writing bad about her. Just a feeling. My brother had a girl too, and she ditched him for books when actually she liked another guy. My brother never abused her cause he just didn't feel it's right.

    Thirdly, I LOVE DEXTER TOO!! :D

    And fourthly, the tiger wali picture was THE BEST. :D

    Keep blogging!

  4. interesting pictures...:) like your blog...!:)
    em following you...dotn hesitate to follow bak:)

  5. saying too many things in one post,..;)
    i think i know another guy who does that :P
    hahaha, well that was hilarious post, u do a lot of searching for the pictures...
    loved reading it..
    and i love dexter toooooooo...
    keep blogging dude,

  6. @KN : Well i forgot to write it ! But i am single again :P
    Glad to know u love dexter :P

    @floodgate: Thanks , sure i'll follow u :)
    @Ateeq : Yeah yeah He's a butcher hahah !
    I know it was a hilarious post :P
    PS: I search more than writing