Monday, 22 August 2011

Horror Movies are not for me !

While i kid i was always afraid of the dark !
Because of that my cousins would leave me alone in the dark room and i would hide my face with the pillow thinking of Zombies and different types of ghost and stuff like that are in the room ..
Doing like this i either slept ! Or My cousin's showed mercy and let me out :)

But i always used to watch horror movies :/
I don't know why :o
But i always knew they weren't for me :P
Well , I guess i am so afraid that i was scared by watching Phoonk 2 :P Which many suggested me as a comedy movie :)
Now you can easy interpret how much scared i am !
Well nowadays its quite eccentric in boys but that's the way i am :P
And to overcome this fear i tried watching as many horror films as i could but the result was worse , and i decided "Horror Movies are not for me !".
Each time i used to overcome my fear from the dark !
I watched a horror movie ! And as i went into the dark again my mind continuously thought about that character in the movie ! And i am like it's gonna come in front of my face any second now :P
I know it's kinda lame but what can i do :p
Every one has his weaknesses
While i am watching any horror movie with my friends I know what i am seeing is Fake !
But when i am watching it Alone i wish it all remains fake :o

It's my belief that people watching horror movies alone are the bravest people .. I SWEAR really :|
I may like violent movies !

I feel exhilarated watching them !
But any thing scary in it ! I don't even bother to take a look :(
Well the last HORROR movie i saw was "THE TUNNEL"

Unfortunately , I was alone in my HOME SWEET HOME !
As the Movie ended !
I was listening to every single sound !
Even the tick tock of the clock !
The Woooshis of the wind !
The Creaaak of the Doors !
The tapping of the water ....
All of a sudden .. The Door of my room opened ! :0
Well actually it opened because of the wind :P
And then it closed !
Again by the wind :P
I ran out of the HOUSE !
Not coming in until my MOM came home :|
So you see HORROR movies are not for me :P
Oh i made a rhyme :P
That will be all for now .
And please every one keep commenting ..
I love your COMMENTS :)
I guess this is the END :)


  1. next time am gonna lock u in the washroom :D

  2. I am going to lock you in that ware room next to the swimming pool, where Babas keep their stuff.

    *Mean look*

  3. @ATEEQ : NOOOOOoooooooo :p

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  5. duke is coming soon......hahahahha'
    evil laughter.hahahahah

  6. hhahahahaa..i can totally relate to such a coward..can never handle horror movies!!!

    Take care:):)

    P.S:I had good laugh and i hope ateeq and Hamza wont do that to you:P:P


    loving your blog. Cool background. I need to go there in real. what place is it btw?

    hear this: YOU RAWWWKKKK

  8. @Otherside : We have alot in common ;)
    I too hope they don't do that to me :P

    @Daaneiia: Thank U :)
    And honestly i dont know the place even :(
    I RAWWWK ! awww ! You ROCK too :)

  9. u are really that scared of horror movies!!!! gosh!! cuz mostly these days ppl (yound ppl to b specific)love these gore,bloddy,headless man stuff but u are clearly an exception :)

  10. @Kiran : I LOVE BLOODY STUFF with violence i it !
    But anything scary ! I can't even look :(

  11. Haha I'm terrified of horror movies too. My friend made me watch Orphan on Halloween night and even though I managed to go to sleep, I was scared stiff =|

  12. Hahaha ! :)
    Well Orphan was a scary movie :|
    The same happens to me ! :P

  13. Haha, you're so like me. I could relate soo friggin much to this post. I have been there *taps you on the shoulder* .. Its okay, dude ;) hota hai.

    You know, i always sleep with the lights on after i finish watching a horror flick and by lights i mean, all the electric tubes in my house :p so that i could see a shadow approaching me from faaar awaayy :D

    Amazing blog!

  14. Hahaha ! ;)
    Hota hai :P

    Mee too ;) I sleep with lights on as well :D

    Thank U :)

  15. Horror movies aren't for me either!

  16. Watch Insidious and The Haunting In Connecticut (I'm not really sure about the title). :)

    Not into horror movies either. Had my paranormal sensitivities removed a long time ago. Couldn't sleep well back then.