Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dreams , Shopping and Lizard :|

Like every single person i too have dreams ...
Like every one I dream big too ...
And ..
Dreams do come TRUE ! :)

A person may dream of having all the cash in the world or stuff like that :|
But my dream is different ..
Okay who am i kidding !
I too dream of having all the money in the world !
But apart from that .. I always wanted to do
I Love the way people jump ! Giving an experience of a life time ..
I Once had a chance of fulfilling this dream ..
As i was set to take off (I MEAN JUMP )...
My Mom shouted ! : Wake Up ! Your Getting Late for school :(
And it all ended there !
So my dream never came true :|
Dreams do come true only in your sleep :P
Apart from Dreams what i am used to doing now a day is SHOPPING!
I am Like becoming a SHOPAHOLIC !

Although i hate shopping ..
Okay , So this happens to me every year !
During the Last Period of Ramadan ! ()_()
I like shop allot !
Not that i buy stuff , but WINDOW SHOPPING:)

I don't shop allot but i go to mall for reasons i can't explain :)
Now one of the shopkeeper's recognizes me every time i go to his shop and doesn't let me in !
Not only this if i am seen around his shop he gives me the *STARES*
I was like going to his shop daily for three days just looking at stuff and buying nothing
The Fourth day .. He didn't let me in :(
There's not just ONE shop in the Mall . . Buahahahaha (Evil Laughter)
                                                                  Hahaha hahahaha!
I guess this post is getting lame :(

But i have to write something !
So , Shopping done !
When i came home and entered my bathroom ! *SQUISH* (Sound Effects)
It was like something fell on my back ! 
But i didn't felt anything ! :O
So while i was taking a shower !

All of a sudden i saw a small whitish thing with two black dots on my shoulder !
LIIIiiiZZZZZaaaaaaaaRRRrrrDDDD ! :| :/ :0

I gave a push to it running out of the bathroom naked !
Hopefully nobody got a glimpse of me ;)
It was worse than seeing a ghost !
Standing face to face with a LIZARD :|
Thinking about it still gives me a MIGRAINE :(
Next time you hear a squish sound BE CAREFUL :P
It might be a LIZARD :P

So this is all for now !
Sorry for the LAME POST !
Viya and Cricket Freak !
Thank u for joining :)


  1. lol, that is what the shopkeeper meant by that sign sayin:
    NO SAQLAIN, pleaseeeeeee."
    It wasn't lame, it made me post a comment. :D
    lizard........did it bite u, now u would turn into a lizard man......

  2. It wasn't lame but it wasn't better than the others :(
    Hahaha That Shop Keeper always gives e a stare when i pass around his shop :P
    I guess LIZARD's dont bite :p


  4. Hahaha.
    You are pathetically fantabulous=D

    *Thumps up*

  5. @Ifra : :| What ? :P
    @Hamza : Hahaha Thank U sir :)

  6. ewwww..i hate lizards..I used to ask God why He created lizards..YES, i hate em that much.. wasn't lame..its as cool as always :):)

    May your dream come true soon :):)

  7. I too hate LIZARDs :P
    Thank U !

  8. lizards do bite...:P
    and gosh u r progressing at an enoromous speed (mashallah)..keep rocking dude :D