Friday, 19 August 2011

A piece of Craziness !

I usually come up with blog ideas while i am sitting on my comote (if its the correct spelling).
This time i came up with a lot of ideas ..
But as i started writing .. I was totally blank .. Wooosh ! Like everything was erased from my mind. :0

So i had to think all over again. :(
Nowadays its like i am having a phobia of sitting on blogger. :|
I also came to know that and are two different sites !
15 minutes ago i was putting my username and password on bloggers so i just realized the difference of S..
I am like so into blogging that i keep thinking about posts !
What should i post next or stuff like that :P
I got myself 4 , 5 posts still in my drafts but instead of posting them i always come up with something new :)
I am awesome :P
Well i am too busy nowadays ..
Doing What ?
Shopping .. :)
Not that i like shopping but its EID people :)

Well whenever you go shopping !
Don't take a girl with you ..
I was like in the mall for 5 hours ..
I hardly bought a pair of shoes in half in hour ..
From the first shop i entered ...
Unfortunately my cousin(girl) was with me who took about 4 hours to buy a pair of shoes ,she ended up buying nothing ..
She got into 5 different shops ! And in the end took me to the shop she went first still buying nothing  :|
So all we bought in those 5 hours was my shoes :|
And when i reached home ..I was soooooo exhausted ....
                                                                 More than this .. :\
Apart from Shopping I've officially started hating girls :P
Specially in Ramadhan ..
My sister gets like 5 , 6 different suits every year at EID ..
And every month a couple ..
I buy a pair of jeans like every six months .. 
All i get is a Shalwar Kameez at EID  !
I mean don't we have a heart :|
I can't criticize women any more ..
That's enough i guess ..
And Flood Gate of Feelings ..
Welcome to the troop ..
KN thanks for your comment..


  1. my pleasure joing the troop...;)
    loved ur new layout!:)...!
    and btw shopping in the fun part of being a GIRL:DD

  2. Haha You're so funny, I love your blog, after reading this post I can't wait for more!

    Thank you for the very sweet comment you posted on my blog!<3


  3. OHEMGEEEEE. Another guy like Ateeq. If you know come you guys are that awesome?? I LOVE YOUR BLOG NOW.
    Can I be your...good luck charm?

  4. u have been awarded at my blog, :D, get it:
    hahahah,Daaneiia, its in our blood

  5. the winds are blowing towards this blog from an area owned by butcher.
    lol, at least u got something for urself, i didn't even buy under garments :P

  6. @floodgate : Thank You ! I am never going with a girl maan :/
    Angie : Thank U for liking my blog ! I hope u read more ! Its was my pleasure to comment at yours :P
    @Daaneiia : It took 30 seconds to type ur correct spelling :P Well it runs in the family :D Sure u can :)
    @Ateeq :Okai I am gonna check out ur post :)
    Hahaha Thank U sirr :P

  7. lol! :P What is up with you and ateeq about shopping and girls?! :P :P I really wonder what'll happen if you get girlfriends who are shopaholics! ;) :P :P
    Nice post by the way! :P :P and hilarious pictures! :P :P

  8. Hahaha ! We have the worst of experiences with girls that is why maybe we hate girls ! And hating girls means hating shopping :P
    Dont worry if we do get shopaholic gf !
    We'll never take the shopping :P
    Thanks :)

  9. then i would hang my friend till death, i am really gonna help him, :P

  10. Hey are u officially going to hate all girls (including me)???*wink*

    you're friends with ateeq?? wonder you guys think alike..

    Btw, i hate shopping and this Eid i have be the driver too apart from being shopping partner for my cousins :(

    Nice post and take care..and pls dont try to hate gals..we are not that bad compared to guys:P:P

  11. You and ateeq are friends? No wonder! Your blogs are really similar!
    Shopping is part of my genetic makeup, and I can't change it :P
    I am following!

  12. @Othersideifme : Not all girls :P
    Girls on blogger RAWK :P
    We do think alike :)
    We're some how similar :P
    Thanks :) , No i wont hate girls :P

    @Cricket Freak : Yes ! We are :)
    Not just friends best friends :)
    Thanks for following .. :)

  13. @All, HBL (that'd be me) is also friends with Ateeq and Saqlain!


    impressed forever.

  15. Hahaha ! Well i'll give u our special ingredient we don't think while writing we just write what comes into our mind ! I guess that is the main reason your impressed ! :)
    BTW THANK U ;)