Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ramazan may be the best month of all ! It reconciles all of us into a bond of brotherhood !
Life after Iftar can be annoying !
Eating too much lying on the same place where you eat not even helping yourself with a glass of water!
Not even moving an inch ! Neither bothering to change your TV channels ! Its like your Paralyzed!

The tummies are shaped like the EARTH!
Oh! Semi Earth precisely
And possibly everyone's LAZY !
Laziness is the mother of all vice . But as its a mother we should respect it :D

I may be the laziest person in the world !
All day long i sit down at the same place and watch TV , or Surf the waves  internet :P
I dont help my self even with a glass of water :P
Its not only in Ramazan its a daily routine ;)
Once my father said to me to change the BULB of my kitchen !
I was lethargic to even move and we couldn't find anything to climb on!
So I climbed my cousins shoulder's with ease !
As i touched the bulb ! I was lazy even to move my WRIST !
I told my cousin "COULD YOU ROTATE?" :P
But in the end i had to do it with my hands :(((

Laziness is your best friend remember !
Even when your alone .. It's always with you :P
it'll never hurt you ! it will only hurt others ..
Like !
Once a Father and a Son were watching a Movie !
The women of the house came rang the bell and shouted open the door !
the father said to his son to open it he refused thrice !
The Father shouted to his mother !
I Divorce you ! Stay Out :P

I Guess you all may have noticed that laziness is a part of our life so all you SUST'S( Lazies ) out their !
Always feel proud to be One SUST ;)))

And wohooo I got 21 followers !
Thanks every one !


  1. well we cant avoid of being lazy..

    oh boy..dont eat too much for iftar :P:P

    and congrats for the 21 followers!! @_@

  2. roza khor...:P
    and that joke the divorce one,. EPIC.
    21 followers :0 man u r fast....

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  4. i am gonna make mom read this post......she thinks her kids are the SUSTEEST ppl on earth :)